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Footballidentity is the world's first turn-based football game and it builds on its very strong community. Users surf the site and forums in order to train their players (once per day per character), play matches (twice per week per character) and discuss tactics and prepare for next match together with their teams.
Statistics (updated on 15th of March)

- More than 30.000 active member accounts
- More than 3,5 Million pageviews per month
- Extremely clear target group; football interested males of ages 18 to 40

Top 20 countries based on amount of pageviews:

United Kingdom 11,54%
Greece 3,04%
Spain 7,68%
Norway 2,75%
Brazil 7,39%
Sweden 2,61%
Romania 6,72%
Indonesia 2,40%
Argentina 6,63%
Ireland 2,31%
France 4,69%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,90%
Portugal 3,98%
Poland 1,55%
Croatia 3,60%
Turkey 1,53%
Italy 3,57%
Ukraine 1,42%
Serbia 3,29%
Russia 1,36%

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